Illegally Parked SUVs

Today's Hall of Shame

Parking garage at Virginia Mason–the only one with oversized parking places. Each of the eight spots along this lane was occupied by mid-sized or smaller SUVs or trucks. The hospital has even added new signs on the back wall of the section just north of this. Hopeless unless they start ticketing the vehicles.

My truck is long — when I’m parked with the back bumper touching the wall, the nose is at the edge of the white line dividing spaces. I don’t fit in a compact spot — the only other places on level 1. But this is the only section available for oversized trucks or vans. Around the bend (lower levels), a large sign reads “no trucks or vans” even though the height clearance is 6’5″.

  • Place: Seattle WA
  • Camera: iPhone 4
  • Manipulation: Photoshop, crop; Camera Bag, border

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365 Project : Day 138

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