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The last day of August foreshadowed October and November in the Northwest. It was cold (barely broke 60 degrees), rainy and windy. We had real rain, not Seattle drizzle. Mid-afternoon, KING-TV weather reported a half-inch of rain in Lynnwood. That’s unheard of here! I caught this image of our deck during a lull.

  • Place: Lynnwood WA
  • Camera: iPhone4
  • Manipulation:  Camera Bag – Mono Filter

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365 Project : Day 11

  • August 31st, 2010
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Mike ponders his options, which are zilch. His opponent’s ball blocks his at the corner pocket; in the triad, the 8-ball blocks the side pocket. In the end, he goes for the defensive shot in the corner.

  • Place: Mustard Seed Too, Bellevue
  • Camera: iPhone4
  • Manipulation:  Camera Bag – Cinema Filter; Photoshop – cropping

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365 Project : Day 10

spray washing

Spray Washing The Jersey Barrier In Boeing Everett Parking Lot

While teaching an MSF class, I noticed a Big Truck coming into our parking lot. Whoa! If he comes any closer, I’ll have to stop the class! » Continue Reading…

365 Project : Day 9