Preparing Chocolate Pecan Pie

Preparing Chocolate Pecan Pie

New Year’s Day we attend two annual parties; one is a “pie party” (bring a pie, eat pie, take home pie). For a variety of reasons, I went “simple” this year — and punted to what has become a classic variation on pecan pie. This is for folks who like chocolate and who think traditional pecan pies are too sweet; this is not a “sweet” pie. (Note: my pecan pie is not too sweet, either – it’s more expensive than your average pecan pie because I use more pecans and less filling.)

  • Place: Lynnwood WA
  • Camera: iPhone 4
  • Manipulation: Photoshop, crop; Camera Bag, border

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365 Project : Day 134

  • January 1st, 2011
  • Posted in Food

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