Waiting For Ferry To Dock

Waiting For Ferry To Dock

Life in the Pacific Northwest revolves around ferries for many people. As the ferry docks at Vashon Island, pedestrians begin to queue up for departure: walk on traffic is first on and first off. I’m on my motorcycle, directly behind this couple. Motorcycles are the first vehicles on and off, and usually I would have been parked where they are standing. However, the parking attendant stopped me where I would remain out of the rain. And that SUV? It almost took me out. When I was alongside the front passenger door, the driver pulled out and into my lane on the ramp! And no, the ferry attendant had not given him a “go” nod. And yes, I was parked when he pulled in and parked.

  • Place: Vashon Island, Ferry Terminal
  • Camera: iPhone 4
  • Manipulation: Photoshop, crop; Camera Bag, border

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