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From The Back

Walking across campus Saturday afternoon after MCDM orientation, Drew and I spotted this post-wedding staging on The Quad. As we approached, I could hear the photographer coaching the group. I sneaked in as close as I dared, as I didn’t want to mess up his shot by showing up in the background. This really called for a telephoto lens.

The final photo was seriously washed out; the gorgeous crystalline blue sky was almost white. The iPhone’s HDR was confused by that streak of sunlight on the other side of the gathering. So I did the only thing I could think of: a really tight crop! If I had it to do over, I might experiment with ColorSplash to see if I could focus attention on the shoes.

The couple got lucky with the weather: it was 76 degrees when I got home to Lynnwood!

(People! I’ve had back-to-back shots of people!)

  • Place:¬†University of Washington Campus, Seattle
  • Camera: iPhone4
  • Manipulation:Photoshop, Crop/Tone; CameraBag: Crop/Border

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