Mahonia Aquifolium

Mahonia Aquifolium : Poster Edges Filter

Mahonia Aquifolium

Mahonia Aquifolium : Original Crop

Today’s image features Photoshop experimentation. I was quite taken with the unknown-to-me-at-the-time vibrantly colored plant adjacent to Lynndale Elementary School yesterday. My first thought when I saw the tinges of red leaves was, “Oh no, it can’t be that close to fall already!” Then I stepped in closer and saw the range of color in one plant: brilliant green, blueberry blue, fiery red, deep purple. But I didn’t think my photos provided enough depth or texture, so I experimented with Photoshop.

In the end, I picked the Poster Edges filter. The details seem to “pop” more than they do in the original image. [I suppose I’m breaking some unwritten rule by posting two images today, but I wanted to include the original. The image “on top” is my image of the day.]

Also:  Mahonia Aquifolium : Watercolor Filter and Mahonia Aquifolium : Dry Brush Filter plus original (uncropped) image. Learn more about Mahonia Aquifolium also known as Grape Holly, Oregon Grape and Holly-Leaved Barberry.

  • Place: near Lynndale Elementary School, Lynnwood WA (Google Maps)
  • Camera: iPhone4
  • Manipulation:  Photoshop CS5, Poster Edges Filter

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